Montessori Diploma from 3-6


Montessori Diploma from 3-6

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A course targeting trainers, teachers and mothers. Through 100 training hours, we will learn the following axes

The axes that we will study are
Montessori philosophy, with all its axes. Like
The life and upbringing of Mariah
The role of the teacher
Montessori separation characteristics
Features of the Montessori approach

Reward and punishment with a Montessori approach
Working life
Corner philosophy
Major skills activities
Fine skills activities
Self-care activities
Environmental care activities
Etiquette, ethics and courtesy activities
The sensual life
Corner philosophy
Visual perception activities
Hearing activities
Taste activities
Sense of touch activities
Sense of smell activities
Corner the account
Corner philosophy
Corner activities
Language corner
Corner philosophy
Corner activities
Pillar of culture
Corner philosophy
History activities
Geografpa activities
Science activities
A file will be sent to each corner when studying, indicating the axes of each corner

The training is provided by a specialized team from the MTI Academy



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